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Notebook and Pen


Author of The Harveen Gill thrillers


Writing Journey

Hamish Morjaria was born and grew up in North London and now lives with his wife Kalpa, two children and dog, Simba in Buckinghamshire. 
After a thirty year career in business working for leading brands and retailers, Hamish indulged his passion for ancient history and fast paced thrillers to create the Harveen Gill series. 
The first three books in the series were acquired by Pan MacMillan and The Muziris Empire will be published in Summer 2024.
In December 2024, The Muziris Empire was acquired for a major movie production by Parmar Entertainment alongside Impact Films and filmmaker Mohit Ramchandani with production expected to commence in 2025



Will be published by Pan MacMillan in Summer 2024 and the motion picture is expected in 2025/6


Teesta Guha Sarkar

Editorial Director - Pan Macmillan

“Every so often we come across a manuscript that gleams with promise and potential from the get-go. Written in the tradition of Dan Brown and Ashwin Sanghi thrillers, these action-packed novels open lost chapters of India’s ancient history through intricately plotted mysteries, unravelled by a kickass woman archaeologist. Readers, fasten your seatbelts!”

Daljit DJ Parmar

CEO - Parmar Entertainment

“Growing up as a South Asian in Canada, I was taught the history of the West but not the history of my ancestors. The opportunity to share this history, wrapped in an edge-of-your-seat action adventure film, is a dream come true.”

Samir Gupta

Managing Director - Impact Films

 “Stories centred around South Asian history and characters are just starting to hit the mainstream after the success of ‘RRR,’ and we are proud to bring ‘The Da Vinci Code’ of India to audiences around the world.”


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